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About Us
About Us

JMRS Constructions is a multitude service and consultancy company which utilize the various resources, enthusiasm, expertise, professionalism, commitment and reputation for its growing in the construction development segment. We have the capability to execute projects of various sizes of Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and having successfully completed couple of decades of its services, it has stamped a mark in civil, structural and fabrication engineering along with 2D Architecture Plans and 3D Modeling for residential usage. The expectation of earth to develop a good quality of construction needs for all human being peace in various aspects and the avatar of JMRS preceding to flickering lot of happiness to the building adding through quality concern in the constructions. The building construction industry is going through a major prosperous in all over sphere demand to living in healthy conditions. JMRS Constructions is being established to address this demand aiming to become one of the highest standards of deliverable thus, satisfying the determined and spirit of the wonderful design as well as our clients. JMRS has a unique model with proven expertise in innovative thinking, project and cost management. We are focussed on delivering high quality accolades and repeat business. Presently, the company has the strength of good workforce’s that are well qualified, transparency with customers and excellent experience and are considered to be the real hero of the company.

S Sivakumar

Excellent Engineer from the Department of Civil Engineering

From the state of Tamil Nadu he has a rich experience which certainly proves his cross functional proficiency in the domain of construction industry. In his professional career, he has worked in wide range of projects through which he has gained an immense knowledge.

However, he has handled all the construction activities in the form of major projects throughout his life time till now. Moreover, he has been successful in accomplishing the high rise residential buildings for popular companies in Tamil Nadu.

The integration of his excellent skills such as Project Execution, Project Management, and Planning proves his intensive caliber to all of us. Ultimately, he has proved to run the organization with the best strategies for team management as well as project planning.

Our Vision

Our primary goal is to imbibe the excellence in maintaining the excellent quality and affordability along with the timely delivery.

Our Mission

We tend to prove our proficiency by meeting the customer’s expectations without compromising upon the quality. We strictly abide to the industry standards and meet the relevant technical aspects. However, it is accompanied by innovation.